SAL supplies the petroleum industry with the state-of-the-art sucker rod pumping system optimization software. Our user-friendly software helps oil production engineers to design and analyze the performance of sucker rod pumping systems in vertical, inclined and directional wells. Recently released SRPUMP 3D (three-dimensional) program performs true calculations for the directional wells. It is based on the three-dimensional geometry of the rod string and two-wave equations: longitudinal and lateral. This feature allows for the prediction of the friction and normal forces between the rod and the tubing in the deviated well. The software also calculates the production rate loss due to lateral and helical buckling. SRPUMP has been used by oil producing companies in Canada, USA, UK, France, Argentina and Libya. SAL provides also engineering consulting in the areas of the mechanical and structural engineering, failure analysis, dynamics, optimization and identification of structures and systems. The analysis of inflatable shelters and structures is one of the interests of SAL.